Welcome back to Term 2 in Nursery 

You will notice this term that we have begun to use cones to mark the waiting spots for drop off and pick up. This should make things faster and also help everyone to keep socially distanced. Please wait at a cone as you come into the playground and only move forward once a child ahead of you has been collected. You will notice that we have also created a small coned area outside our door. This will help staff to keep their distance too. Please don’t enter that area unless invited and both you and the member of staff have a face covering on. 

We have ow completed out WellComm screen for all children who speak English as a first language. We will begin our new, daily  speech and language group group times this term. For more information about the WellComm scheme please visit this link:  

This term we will be introducing our “Mini Library” based in our Summer House in the Nursery playground. We will be giving each child a book bag and you can swap your books as often as you like. Please borrow just one book at a time and complete the log book with the book title and your child’s initials. 

Thanks to all those who have been sharing photographs of your activities outside of school through Tapestry. These will be a valuable opportunity to get the children talking through “show and tell” group times. If you would like to do this for your child and are struggling with Tapestry please just ask and we’ll be happy to show you how to do it. 

Any questions, please ask! Mr Gough, Miss Taylor and Miss Jeffries.

Welcome to Term 1 in Nursery

Our main focus this term will be on getting our little ones settled into the environment. Once they are happy we will begin to get them used to adult led group time activities.

For our new starters we typically keep at least the first session limited to one hour with the hope being they will leave the setting happy and looking forward to their next day. We have found that sometimes staying for a whole session on their first day is quite tiring for the children.

This term we are proud to be starting work with the WellComm programme which is a structured way to help the children develop early speech and language skills. We will make contact with parents with further details once we have carried out our initial screening.

As you may expect there have been a few changes this term as we work to a new Covid-related risk assessment. Our soft toys and furnishings have temporarily been removed but rest assured they will be back as soon as we allowed. We miss them too!

This term we will also not be having PE days as we normal would. We will be in touch once that changes.

Finally, thank you for your support in dropping your little ones off from the red spot outside the Nursery door to help us maintain social distancing.

If you have any questions please catch us for a chat at the end of any session.

Mr Gough and the Nursery Team.