Welcome back to Term 6 

Nursery will we restarting with reduced numbers and on a new timetable from 15th June. For now, sessions will be available on either Monday and Tuesday OR Thursday and Friday.  We are not yet accepting children on two year old funding. We will update you when this changes.

If you would like a place for your three or four year old please complete this questionnaire - CLICK HERE.  We will then contact you to let you know what hours are available at that point. If you have any trouble please just call the school office for some help. 

Please do stay in touch through the Padlet and through Tapestry. The staff all love to see your photographs and hear stories about what you have been up to. It has really kept us smiling. 

Stay in touch!  

Mr Gough, Miss Taylor, Miss Jeffries and Mrs Stoffel 

Dear Nursery Parents and Carers, 

Please use this as a guide to refer back to throughout this time of school closure. I have covered a wide range of the Early Years Foundation Stage ‘curriculum’ here. 

If you stick to a good mixture of these suggestions the children will be getting a good “diet” of learning and development. 

The full document “Development Matters” can be found in the link below. This is what we follow in Nursery. 

It’s well worth a read and will show you how to help get your child ready for Reception if this closure turns out to be a long one. It contains even more examples of things parents can do.

Suggestions from the Nursery Team: 

-      Get your child toilet trained and out of nappies and pull ups where at all possible. The NHS provides this resource however there are many more available through Google if you wish. 

-       Get them counting out loud to 10 and recognising numbers to at least 5. Make some number cards using pen and paper. Once the children can ma the numbers in order shuffle the deck and show them randomly for more challenge. 

-       Get them to count rows and randomly set out groups of objects such as small toys. Encourage them to tap the object with their finger as they count out loud. Challenge them to count groups above 10 objects. Write some numbers on little squares of paper. Encourage them to match the right number card to the number of toys in the group (up to 10 if possible). 

-       Get them tracing and copying their name every day until they can write their name without copying.  Name tracers are available from the front office. Encourage them to hold the pen correctly with three fingers in a tripod. These pictures will show you typical pen grip progression. Get them as far as you can along this path.  For two year olds in particular, get them colouring- it's great for fine motor control. 

-       Read a story to them at least once per day and ask them a good mix of “who, what, where and why” questions about the book. Challenge them to answer using full sentences and using the word "because" to give a reason. If they find this tricky, say a full sentence answer to them out loud and encourage them to repeat it. Ask them to describe:

  • what the characters and settings look like
  • how the characters are feeling
  • what might happen next 

Stories with lots of repetition will help build their vocabulary and. Try these as a start point: 

  • Three Little Pigs
  • Shhh, we have a plan!
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Goldilocks and the three bears 

-     During your sanctioned exercise time outdoors encourage them to spot and talk about details in the natural world around them. For example bugs and plants. Look for opportunities to ask the children why something is happening or how something is working. Talk with them about how they can tell spring is here - more insects, fresh tree leaves, bright sun, warmer temperatures etc. Where objects you see are safe to touch ask them to describe how they feel and model new words to them when you touch it yourself eg. “This leaf is smooth but this leaf is rough.” Ask them to draw a picture of the things you have talked about with them when they get home. 

-       Sing a range of popular nursery rhymes with them every day until they have learned all the words and can sing them without your support. This will broaden their vocabulary as well as build confidence. 

-       Ask your child if they have been doing “phonics” or “sound” games with Mr Gough. If they have, they have started the Read Write Inc phonics programme. To support them with this follow this link to the scheme homepage:   

They are streaming daily phonics lessons for FREE at set times! 

In Nursery we cover Set 1 sounds only. The children who have started this scheme have also been learning to read the words in Word Time 1.1 (mad, sad, sat, dad, mat, Sam). You could easily make some sound or word cards with pen and paper to support the lessons. Challenge the children to read the sound or word as soon as you produce the card from behind your back. Time them to see how fast can they get through the set. 

Useful resources to make this easy: 

To support all of the above, the links below will send you to almost unlimited  FREE learning resources. 

If the links don’t work from our school website then just copy and paste the text into your browser. 

Huge selection of phonics and number games: 

Fantastic counting resources - our children love these: 

BBC phonics programmes: 

Wide selection of phonics games for all abilities: 

Get some exercise and have some fun with Boogie Beebies from BBC: 

Huge resource of children’s stories: 

Every Nursery rhyme you could wish for: 

BBC Educational games of every kind: 

Free colouring sheets:

A beautiful bug hunt sheet to use during your exercise time. Keep it as a PDF on your phone is you have no printer at home:


Welcome to Term 4!

This term we are excited to be introducing our new Nursery “Cultural Calendar”!

We will be celebrating national and cultural days from around the world including all of the nationalities and religions represented within our class. We kick off with a day for Lithuania on Wednesday 11th March, and the children will have the chance to dress up, dance, paint eggs and sample food.

For those getting ready for school we will be focusing on measurement and weighing this term. We will be consolidating their understanding of number work by practicing writing number sentences and representing them using concrete objects such as cubes, Numicon and toys. In phonics we will be working towards Word Time 1.2 containing words such as “cat” and “dog”.

Please speak to us if you would like any support with toilet training your child. A letter will be going out from Miss Palmer soon containing some “top tips”. Once your child gets into pull-ups or pants please remember to put them in loose fitting clothing (preferably with no buttons) so that they can become more self sufficient and avoid accidents when they are in a hurry.

As ever, any questions or concerns please just speak to us at any time.


The Nursery Team