Classroom Charters

Building Shared Values

At St Paul’s Community Primary School & Nursery, we believe that every child has the right to learn in a positive and safe environment. We build ‘Classroom Charters’ in every class outlining the class values, rewards and sanctions in order to support and promote our ‘Rights Respecting School.’

The UN Convention on the ‘Rights of the Child’ sets out four basic rights:
  • Health and safety
  • Protection from harm and abuse
  • Development of potential
  • Inclusion and participation in society
At St Paul’s our children learn that adults, parents and carers all have the responsibility to ensure that these rights are known, promoted, and respected by all.
Classroom Charters are created between adults and children. They agree what is to happen and what their rights are in the classroom and who has the responsibility for them.

The purpose of each charter is to unite the class and develop a sense of ownership of the classroom and learning.

The Classroom Charter is signed by the teacher, teaching assistants and pupils. Classroom Charters are a set of agreed values that are displayed in each classroom for all to see.

Rewards and Sanctions are linked to the charter but the difference is that they are rooted firmly with rights and responsibilities. The rights of the child are not conditional. Adults, through the use of “rights respecting language” will help a child to understand how they have either respected or failed to respect the rights of others and that their choices have both positive and negative consequences.

Every day will be a fresh start…

Letters are sent home at the start of every academic year, along with the Classroom Charter for each class. Parents are asked to speak with their children about the letter, sign to say that this has happened and they are in support of the school.