Meet the Staff

Headteacher Mrs Selina Ratchford
Assistant Head Teacher Miss Katie James
Reception Mrs Emma Ward
Year 1 Mrs Lauren Lee
Year 2 Ms Grace Housley-Stott
Year 3 Mrs Nicola Potter and Mrs Tiffany Cox
Year 4 Mrs Kate Moss
Year 5
Mrs Lisa Pang and Miss Jessica Collett
Year 6 Mrs Leela Norman
Cover Mr Christopher Mooney
Nursery Mr Toby Gough
SENDCo Mrs Lisa Pang
Additional Needs Co-ordinator Ms Donna Palmer
Teaching Assistants  
  Mrs Chris West, Mrs Zoe Dean, Miss Phoebe Jeffries, Mrs Amanda Stoffel, Mrs Michelle Reeves, Mrs Jackie Budworth, Mrs Tracey Walker, Mrs Katy White, Mrs Karen Wilshere, Mrs Mandy Bailey (HLTA), Mrs Kathy Dean, Mrs Amy Webster, Mr Austin Dunne, Mrs Nicola Callow, Mrs Joanna Slater and Miss Emily Light
Nursery Nurse  Miss Lynette Taylor
Swimming Teacher Mrs Tracey Walker
Support Staff  
School Operations Manager Mrs Sarah North
Administrators Miss Lisa Howling, Mrs Julie Burchnall, Mrs Hilary Rodgers 
Midday Supervisors Mrs Maggie Holden, Mrs Brenda Narvilla, Mrs Lisa-Marie Thornhill, Miss Donna Cooper, Mrs Kelly Moore, Mrs Claire Sturgess
Catering Supervisor Mrs Sharon Kenny
Catering Assistant Miss Kylie Nag
Site Manager Mr Ian Yeldham
Cleaners Maggie Holden, Rachel Halgarth, Jan Smith