PE and Sport Provision

At St Paul's we work hard to provide a range of PE and Sports experiences across every year group in order to ensure our pupils are fit, healthy and enjoy physical activity. We also promote Outdoor Learning and Adventurous Activities to enable ALL learners to excel in a wide variety of ways, from Nursery, all the way through to Year 6.
For September 2020, we are starting our partnership with Inspire+, who provide multiple opportunities to help us to ensure all pupils lead happy and healthy lifestyles. We will also be able to provide opportunities for our pupils to meet inspirational sports people from a range of disciplines, who will most certainly provide experiences and stories of things to aspire to! 
We provide training opportunities for staff, opportunities to participate in local tournaments and festivals, encourage participation in a wider range of after school clubs and activities, as well as intra-school competitions.
We ensure that all pupils receive high-quality PE lessons and opportunities across games, gymnastics and dance. We also ensure that pupils in Y3 to Y6 have regular swimming lessons to ensure that they can swim 25m+ when they leave primary school. 
We encourage pupils to extend their repertoire of talents through other sports available via outside organisations and through professional coaches, both as part of the school curriculum and provision beyond the school day. We also seek to develop our pupils' leadership skills through Sports Leader and Ambassador roles. 
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