Reception Class

Starting school for the first time this September?
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Reception Class parents can now join Nursery in our new 'Early Years Chat Room'!
You will be able post pictures, find resources and ask staff questions. Please check your text messages or Tapestry for your link. See you there!
TERM 6 - Hello Reception!!
This term, our topic is going to be based around traditional tales. We will be focusing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then Jack and the Beanstalk, followed by stories involving princesses, dragons, knights and castles!
You can help your child at home by:
  • Reading stories together, both using books, DVDs, and online stories, such as on YouTube (eg. or
  • Act out stories you know, using toys, puppets you make out of paper or card, or dress up yourselves!
  • Make your own story books using paper and crayons
  • Talk about the characters, places and events in stories. Do some stories remind you of other similar stories, such as stories in forests, stories with magic, stories with good and bad characters?
  • Keep up with your phonics using Read Write Inc activities online, at
  • Practise writing using lots of different media, such as chalk outside, paintbrushes dipped in water, or good old paper and pencil! Remember to use your Fred fingers when writing. Try to write sentences, using your phonics, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Keep counting everywhere you go, and play fast counting games, going forwards and backwards. Practise counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s. 
  • Use your maths to help with measuring ingredients to bake a cake, or any other delicious treat!
  • Use your measuring skills to play with dried pasta, rice, water, sand or soil, and empty and fill containers, seeing which container holds the most or least.
  • Compare sizes at home, draw around everyone's hands or feet and see who is the biggest/smallest! Who is the tallest, shortest? Who is the heaviest, lightest?
  • Make yourself a pretend shop at home, and use real or pretend coins to buy and sell.
  • Talk about the days of the week, what day is today, tomorrow, what day was it yesterday?
  • Make patterns out of everyday objects. Can you see any patterns around you at home, or when you go for a walk?
  • Take a look at online maths games at  There are lots of other super maths websites, too, such as Topmarks
  • Take a look at for lots of great ideas and lessons.
  • Keep in touch via the Reception class Padlet, and Tapestry, where you can share your learning with others.
Enjoy learning together and thank you for your continued support.
The Reception Team.

Term 5 - Hello Reception!

Dear parents and carers 

We hope that you are keeping safe and well with your families, and enjoying time outside each day. This term, our topic is called, “Why do ladybirds have spots?”

We will be thinking about different mini-beasts, and we will be posting ideas for activities here on the website, on Padlet, and on Tapestry. Do keep in touch with us during this period of lock-down. 

Here are some simple ways to keep busy at home: 

  • Read every day. This can be your reading book, books from home, or you can listen to stories, such as Story time with Nick or Poetry time, both on You Tube from Ruth Miskin Training (creator of Read, Write, Inc, our Phonics programme)
  • Practise your phonics. There are some daily phonics lessons on You Tube, again Ruth Miskin Training. The videos start at 9.30 onwards, and are available on You Tube for 24 hours.
  • Practise continuing to count forwards and backwards to 30. Once you can confidently count forwards and backwards in ones, you can make it fun by counting forwards and backwards, starting and stopping, and changing direction, e.g. 12345 Stop! 543 Stop! 45678910 Stop! 987….
  • Have a look on This website has exciting activities for each day, linking to a story. This week the story is Supertato. You can view the story online on You Tube
  • As part of our new topic, you can listen online to the Hungry Caterpillar story: You Tube also has a beautiful animation of The Hungry Caterpillar
  • Can you make up your own story? Think of a story, tell it to your grown up, and ask them to write it down as you tell it. Next, as your grown up reads the story back to you, you can act it out, using toys or people in your family! After that, you could draw pictures about the story, and write some words and sentences with your grown up. You could even turn your story into a book, by fixing the pages together!
  • Make your own butterfly, you could make cut out a butterfly shape, then paint a pattern on one wing, fold the paper over so that the paint makes a symmetrical pattern on both wings! Then attach some string or wool to your butterfly, and hang up in your window to decorate! 

Remember to keep safe and enjoy your home learning time. 

The Reception Team  

Term 4 

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Below are some ideas to keep you busy at home...


  •         Count forwards to thirty
  •         Count back from thirty
  •         Find one more than a given number to twenty
  •         Find one less than a given number to twenty
  •         Add two single digit numbers
  •         Subtract two single digit numbers
  •         Take a look at Alpha Blocks on line:



Next Term we will be learning about Mini Beasts.

  • Go on a Mini Beast hunt in your garden. See what you can find…


"Are We There Yet?"

This half term we will be looking at journeys and different forms of transport. We will be drawing and writing about imaginary journeys. As part of our music work we’ll accompany stories and songs about transport with music and movement. We will be looking at how far inflated balloons can travel. We will learn about friction by rolling cars down ramps. We’ll also talk with our crossing supervisor about road safety and learn about high visibility clothing.


We will continue to learn a new sound every day, how to write it and revisit the other sounds we have learnt. We will be learning to blend sounds together to read words and segment sounds to spell.


We will talk about the title, illustrations, characters and events within our home reading books, our topic and in guided reading.

R.E.D. (Read Every Day} Please ensure you read every day and write a short comment in their reading record. You only have to read a few pages /retell the story / make up your own story from the pictures or recall the main parts of the story and characters


This term we are looking at 2D and 3D shape and their properties.


Pleases can we remind you that our PE lesson is on a Thursday and that earrings MUST be removed as we cannot do this.

Thank you for all of your continued support at home and if you need to ask anything please come and speak to one of us after school.

The Reception Team