Writing Competition

12th June 2020

Spalding St Paul’s Writing Competition

Be inspired by this fun video clip to enter our writing competition.

Pick a writing task you’d like to do and enter it on your class Padlet page or by email to school before Monday 13th July 2020.

Your “Beautiful Writing” will be posted on our school website, so enter your work either as a word document or an image/ photograph. 

There will be Prizes for EVERY year group!!! 

Watch this video clip: https://www.literacyshed.com/catchit.html

Did you enjoy the story? If you had to tell someone else about this story, how would you describe what happened?  Are the meerkats fun and energetic or slow and sad? What did they look like, what do you see them do? 

KS1- Which piece of writing would you like to do?

Remember to use lots of adjectives and adverbs to make your writing interesting. 

Draw and describe your favourite meerkat

Write a meerkat poem

What happens next? Can you continue the story?

KS2- Pick one of these writing categories: 

Write a diary entry as if you were one of the meerkats.

Write a playscript for the story. What are their names, do you think?

Write your own meerkat adventure story or with animals of your own choice.

Aim to write at least 2 sides using fronted adverbial phrases to start your paragraphs, subordinate clauses to add details and interesting verbs. 

Here’s  a poem with some amazing vocabulary to spark your imagination: