EYFS Provision

A curriculum that enriches learning, develops skills, and inspires children to become lifelong learners and reach their potential.

At St Paul’s we believe that pupils should have high quality knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of core subject areas as set out in the National Curriculum.

We strongly believe that pupils should develop a range of life skills and attributes in order that they can and will make positive contributions as citizens in the future. We also want them to develop an understanding of and care for the local, national and international communities they belong to, including environmental issues. 

We want pupils to be lifelong learners and to be prepared for their futures, with a strong academic knowledge and skills such as analysis, reasoning and problem solving. We want pupils to have resilience, empathy, creativity and a growth mindset.


Provision for EYFS - progression and play

These principles underpin our Early Years curriculum and guide our planning.

Well-planned and well-resourced play activities which allow for progression in a child’s thinking and understanding can provide the context in which these principles become the reality for all our children.

Progression in play reflects the observation and assessment of children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to provide developmentally appropriate experiences. Children come to school already as skilled learners. Through our observations, assessment and professional judgement we gain valuable insights into how each one learns best. This information informs our planning to meet the needs of each individual child. Progression in play comes about as a result of a real understanding of the interests, needs and experiences of the child. 

All children at St Paul’s are given opportunities to experience: 

  •          Dramatic Play
  •          Sand Play
  •          Water Play
  •          Dough and Clay
  •          Table top
  •          Small world
  •          Construction
  •          Creative 

These opportunities are both indoor and outdoor, expected to be 50-50 split. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum for coverage of the six areas of learning are: 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development  

3 hrs 30

Language and Literacy

3 hrs 30

Mathematical Development

3 hrs 30

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

3 hrs 30

Physical Development

3 hrs 30

Creative Development

3 hrs 30


21 hrs (broadly 50% indoor, 50% outdoor curriculum)