School Meals

School Lunches
School lunches are provided by The Farm Kitchen.
At Spalding St Paul’s School we regard lunchtimes as a valuable learning opportunity where social and independence skills can be developed. PLEASE SEE SAMPLE MENU AND INFORMATION BELOW.
If your child is in RECEPTION, YEAR 1 or YEAR 2 they will receive a hot meal and dessert through the UNIVERSAL INFANT FREE SCHOOL MEALS. You will need to make your menu choice via the Farm Kitchen account to order these meals (or the meal choice will be automatically chosen for your child) and do not need to pay anything. They are entitled to this EVERY DAY.

Pupils from YEAR 3 onwards can choose from the menu choices the dishes they want to have on the day, similar to a canteen/café. Arrangements can be made for pupils who require a special diet, and a vegetarian option is always available.
All school meals need to be ordered and paid for via Farm Kitchen.
If preferred, children in Key Stage 2 may bring a packed lunch. This should be in a clearly named container. Please do not give your child sweets or chocolate bars as a part or their lunch, or indeed provide a lunch which has a high proportion of sugary foods, as this can adversely affect your child's behaviour and energy levels in the afternoon. If your child brings a drink, it must be in a flask or plastic container with a well-fitting lid. No fizzy drinks please.
As a school we have signed up to 'Magic Breakfast'
'Magic Breakfast' is a charity that supports schools in providing healthy breakfasts to children. A “magic” breakfast is healthy and nutritious. It is designed to give children energy, protein, vitamins and minerals, and is low in sugar, salt and fat.  The food Magic Breakfast provides to schools complies with government school food standards and regulations in Scotland and England.
Between 8:40am and 9:00am every child in school has the opportunity to have Breakfast when they arrive. Breakfast is delivered to every classroom. This gives the children valuable social time with their friends and well as ensuring  no one misses out on the most important meal of the day!
Fruit is provided at morning break for all KS1 children, as a part of the National Fruit in Schools’ Scheme. Children may bring their own fruit as a playtime snack if they wish.

Children under 5 years of age are entitled to fresh milk daily, which is provided for free under the Cool Milk Scheme.  Milk is also available during lunchtime service.
Free School Meals
We actively encourage anyone who is eligible to apply for a free school meal to do so. Pupil Premium application forms are available from the school office and online. Naturally, all applicants are treated in the strictest confidence. 
Even if your child is in KS1 and receives a universal Infant Free School Meal , if you are receiving benefits, then your child may be eligible to receive Pupil Premium funding. This will allow the school to access further funding that will directly support your child’s learning. 
School Menus