Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum. 

At St Paul's Community Primary School & Nursery, the statutory objectives of the National Curriculum are supplemented by further additional resources or documents, e.g. the Calculation Progression and The White Rose Schemes of Learning, to achieve high standards of teaching and learning.

We carry out the curriculum planning in Maths in three phases:

  • long-term
  • medium-term
  • short- term

We use the materials provided by the National Curriculum and White Rose Maths.

Our medium-term plans give details of the topics to be covered, and identify opportunities for cross curricular links with other subjects. These plans define what we teach and ensure an appropriate balance and distribution of work across each term. The Senior Leadership Team and Mathematics Subject Leader are responsible for reviewing these plans.

Class Teachers also complete short-term/weekly plans for the teaching of Mathematics, either by creating written plans or annotating the White Rose Schemes of Learning.

This lists the specific learning objectives for each lesson, including specific mental maths activities, and gives details of how the lessons are to be taught. It also includes details of what each group of children will be learning to ensure adequate differentiation is in place, either to support children or deepen and apply their understanding.