Playground Behaviours

Playground Behaviours

We are extremely proud of all our children. They conduct themselves extremely well throughout the day and play well together at playtime and lunchtime. The children know the school rules and routines and understand that they are there to ensure that everyone is happy and safe. They respond quickly to instructions and requests from staff and are increasingly self-regulating their own behaviour choices. This allows lessons to flow smoothly and without interruption and there is a caring, collaborative and positive climate throughout the school.
We welcome all visitors to our school and aspire to work in partnership with parents and neighbours to establish a school community in which everyone shows respect for themselves and for others.  We treat visitors and parents with respect and we expect that this will be reciprocated.
It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our children, parents, staff and visitors are happy and safe at school.  It is everyone’s responsibility to encourage high expectations of behaviour and social responsibility. Please ensure that your children follow the school rules and routines before and after school. It can be confusing for the children to receive mixed messages. It is also important that all adults model appropriate language and behaviour and also follow our school rules and routines.
  • The school site is a non-smoking and non-vaping environment. Smoking/vaping is not permitted within the school site or around its boundaries. 

  • The school site, including the area around the school gates, should be kept free of pets/animals. 

  • Bikes/scooters should not be ridden in the playground at any time - they should be walked onto the site and locked up in the storage provided.  The bike and scooter storage is not on the school locked premises throughout the day. They will need to be locked up by yourselves to ensure they are safe.  Although they are left on our property it is not our responsibility for their safety.  

  • Please ensure that your child is closely supervised at all times on the playground before and after school to ensure that they are safe, making appropriate behaviour choices and are not upsetting anyone or putting themselves or others at risk of harm.

  • For health and safety reasons, children should not play ball games in the playground before or after school.

  • There should be no children playing on the grass area outside school. This is very close to the car park and is not safe. 

  • Please look after the school environment by ensuring that your child does not drop litter, damage equipment or harm the trees, plants and flowers.  

  • If you have any concerns relating to another parent or child please speak to a member of school staff.  It can be very intimidating to be approached in the playground and in many cases this can create or escalate a situation that could have been avoided.

  • Please treat all members of the school community with respect and refrain from swearing and any form of intimidating behaviour.  Everyone has a duty of care to report issues observed directly to the school leadership team if they see these rules not being followed.

  • Please respect everyone’s right to feel safe and secure on our school site.  Aggressive or intimidating behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by our school community.  If you are feeling upset or frustrated please raise your concerns with the appropriate member of school staff in a calm and respectful manner.

Please remember that the safety and well-being of all the children must be the highest priority for us all!